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Capetown-based Errorthoughtical Engineer, Futurist, Author of Logical Stupidity - innovation by PIFYAFFING: Pulling Ideas From Your ASSpirations For FINancial gain, featuring futuristic products and comedy songs!

Peter Greenwall comes from the Rock 'n Roll world of composing original scores for conferences and events e.g. Miss World beauty Pageants, World Cup Opening Ceremonies and Off West End Musicals.  After sitting through countless boring conferences,  the missing link between keynote speaker (death by powerpoint)  and corporate entertainment (nothing to do with business issues)  became obvious: 


Corporate Cabaret dealing with innovation, entrepreneurship and business issues: 


His book, 'LOGICAL STUPIDITY - INNOVATION by navigating through nonsense' deals with psychology of the creative process/ innovation /PIFYAFFING: Pulling Ideas From Your Asspirations For Financial Gain and Errorthoughtical Engineering - 'how multiple types of failure can be upcycled for innovation'


Peter's navigation through nonsense is loads of fun and full of laughs but it's also a lightbulb moment in creativity. It teaches how to access the creative soul within each of us, by showing off both outrageous and serious products from the future and the thinking process that lead to them.  


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